Compassionate Care Animal Clinic is always seeking people who are passionate about the human-animal bond.  We are proud of the trust that we share with our clients regarding their pet's care and wellness.  Candidates must demonstrate integrity, a strong desire to learn, good aptitude, initiative and a strong sense of fairness and teamwork.  We are as eager to help with the transition of a seasoned veterinary staff member as we are to train the right candidate who has little to no experience.  We are seeking applicants in the following two areas:
Receptionist: The receptionist is the first and last person whom a client sees during an appointment.   They are the “face” of the practice.  Whether welcoming in a new puppy or helping a grief-stricken pet owner say goodbye to an old friend, the receptionist sets the tone for each visit.  Their duties include: Client management via phone, text, email and in-person; accurately conveying information between the client and the staff; being able to multitask during hectic times; overseeing the accurate management of financial transfers, managing the scheduling of appointments; maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of the lobby and main entrance and effectively dealing with conflict.  
Veterinary Technician: The veterinary technician is the backbone of the practice.  Their job requires strength, agility, and a great mind. A few of the technician's duties include client communication and education, pharmaceuticals, preparing patients for and monitoring during surgical procedures, restraint and safe handling of aggressive pets, laboratory sampling and phlebotomy.
Application Process: Interested parties may fill out and submit the accompanying application. Applications may be emailed to or hand delivered to the clinic.  Thank you for your consideration.