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Do you have a contingency COVID pet-care plan?

AVMA is asking veterinarians to check with clients to make sure they have a plan in place should they contract the novel coronavirus

November 9, 2020

Namely, if a pet owner becomes infected, the care of the animal (including feeding, walking, and playing) should be transferred to another member of the household, says AVMA’s president, Douglas Kratt, DVM. The primary caregiver should check in advance the individual is willing and able to take on this role and has the supplies needed to do so.

“While this is primarily a human disease, we have seen a small number of cases in pets,” Dr. Kratt says. “These cases in pets appear to be uncommon, and are mostly mild or asymptomatic, but they can still happen. To be safe, and until we know more about the virus, AVMA recommends those ill with COVID restrict contact with their pets, just as they would restrict contact with other people.”

“Be cautious, be careful, but don’t be fearful,” he says. “Our pets should be a source of comfort for us. Whether it’s relaxing in front of the fish tank, brushing your cat, or teaching your dog a new trick, our pets can provide a lot of comfort right now in a very difficult time, and it’s important that we continue to provide them with love and care as well.”