Dr. Prellwitz is Proud to Serve as Your Plymouth Veterinarian!

veterinarian in plymouth wiDr. John Prellwitz, with the help of his incredible team here at Compassionate Care Animal Clinic, is proud to be your veterinarian in Plymouth, WI! If your pet needs medical attention in the Plymouth area, our amazing staff can help. Our team is passionate about providing animals in our community with individualized high-quality healthcare. Whether your pet needs a regular check-up, or if they need emergency surgery, our professional and friendly staff will provide exceptional care.
Every animal that comes to Compassionate Care Animal Clinic looking for veterinary care will be treated like family. Our clients know that they can trust our staff to take good care of their furry friends. Our goal is to give our community high-quality veterinary care so that your pet can have a long and happy life. As your veterinarian serving Plymouth, Dr. Prellwitz will get to know your pet personally so that he can provide them with the best course of treatment. We will work with our clients to find the most effective treatments to fit your budget. Compassionate Care Animal Clinic is passionate about serving our Plymouth community through caring and compassionate veterinary care!
Our office provides several services to care for any of your pet’s medical needs. Have you noticed your pet acting strange, or are they losing a significant amount of weight? Diagnostic testing may be a good idea to make sure there are no underlying issues. Our state-of-the-art facilities give you the opportunity to fully understand your pet’s health. We provide in-house testing and bloodwork to determine the source of your pet’s illness or discomfort. Dr. Prellwitz also performs lump removals, tooth extractions, and wound repairs. Compassionate Care Animal Clinic is prepared to care for your pet, no matter what the issue might be.
plymouth wi veterinarianAllergies are common in both cats and dogs, especially in the Spring months. Dr. Prellwitz offers treatments to help your pet stay happy all through the warm weather. We provide several different types of allergy medications to help treat various levels of allergic reactions. A skin rash or digestion issues are the most common signs of an allergic reaction. You can identify a skin allergy by the presence of red bumps or excessive itching. If your pet goes outside, be sure to monitor them so that they don’t eat anything they shouldn’t. There are plenty of natural elements that your pet could be allergic to, so keep a close eye on them outdoors.
A lot of dogs actually have grass allergies that can leave them feeling itchy and uncomfortable. Drinking water from streams can also make your pet sick. Always pay attention to your dog’s behavior, especially if you are in an unfamiliar location or if you have taken them on a trip. Dr. Prellwitz recommends staying with your dog outdoors to help protect against allergies. If your pet is vomiting or is having any sort of digestion issues, they may have eaten something they shouldn’t have. Never leave your pet unsupervised outdoors to help reduce the risk of illness and injury. If you think your pet may have an allergy, consult with our team at Compassionate Care Animal Clinic to find out what your pet’s treatment options might be. 
Serving as your Plymouth veterinarian, Dr. Prellwitz is passionate about providing your pet with exceptional healthcare at an affordable cost to you. If you would like to learn more about our services, contact our office today by calling (920) 781-5057. We look forward to hearing from you!